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Revolutionise Your Work-Life: How to Save Hundreds by Ditching Your Workspace

Revolutionise Your Work-Life: How to Save Hundreds by Ditching Your Workspace

Mar 8, 2023

Whether it's because your team is growing or you are tired of being stuck in that tiny flat, you've decided to get out and find a place where you can occasionally work without breaking the bank. 

Finding somewhere

At first, you think about finding a café as it offers free Wi-Fi and a comfortable atmosphere for working or meeting with people. But linger too long, and you will start to receive a side eye from the baristas.

Well... to be fair, once you finish your drink, you're about as much use as the washing up.

That said, local cafés are lovely workplaces, and you don't have to travel far to find them!

Finding the best option for you

For those of you who are looking for somewhere a bit quieter without spending any money, public spaces can be a lifesaver. 

Now a quick disclaimer: I'm based in London, and we have some real gems. The same is true for most other cities across Europe and the US. But if you don't have any near you, try libraries.

The UK is packed with public spaces with very open policies to anybody looking for a safe haven to work from. Most spaces have a café that will not mind you taking up space, but if you look around, you will find more seating areas with plugs, free internet, and plenty of toilets. The best part is they are safe spaces with a great crowd that changes depending on the type of space you are in.

Some of my favourite spaces are:

  1. Museums

  2. Art Galleries

  3. Theatres

  4. Cinemas (national)

  5. Townhalls

I like to have a bit of background noise and goings-on while I work, but for those of you who prefer the defining sound of silence, libraries will be your best friend. From my experience, there are often a lot of students - so be forewarned.

London: my top picks

No1: I am a big fan of the National Theatre on the Southbank - the Olivier Circle (very top) gives you views of London that only lawyers and bankers can dream of. But if that area is full, the building has acres of workspace. For the architectural nerds, the building is brutalist - meaning that the spaces are large while still feeling cosy - great for those who get distracted easily.

No2: Right next door is the BFI - the laid-back sofas and dark tones of the space give it a totally different feel. Much better if you want a more relaxed environment with a younger crowd, though plugs are much harder to come by. Personally, I prefer this space to meet people and the National Theatre to work.

No3: Close to Kings Cross station is the British Library - the few times I have worked there, it has taken me a little while to find a spot, particularly one with a charger. But once you find a spot, it can be a great place to work that's relatively easy for anyone to get to.

Your turn

If you have any hidden gems, reach out to me. I am always on the hunt for new spaces - particularly with good views and cheap Hot Chocolates. 

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